What are Rewards?

Rewards are the way for the Search URL Community to get something more than just results out of searching.

How do Rewards work?

Search Milestones are set, when users reach those milestones, the community reward is given!

What these rewards consist of:

- Hey! That's a surprise ;)

Rewards Timeline

Total Current Searches: 1,840

To be determined...

Inspect element and have fun with this line of text :)

Unlocks at 3,000 Total Searches

To be determined...

There's light, I can see it...

Unlocks at 2,500 Total Searches

Fun Logo

Why not expand that Favicon?

Unlocks at 2,000 Total Searches

New Background!

Let's give the website some more life shall we?

Unlocked at 1,500 Total Searches

Please Note:

The rewards won't be given as soon as they are reached, as the updates have to be rolled out manually!

Sorry for the inconvienence and I hope you understand!