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Search URL

An old styled search engine (Powered by Google) | The main project

Created: Sep 8, 2022

Creator: @4uffin

Search GPT

A chatbot heavily inspired by ChatGPT, but indeed different and heavily open-source!

Created: March, 2022

Creator: @4uffin

Tib - TinyWeb

The first HTML project of 4ufffin's | Heavily changed since orginally created to actually make it work. | Search for things you're interested in and find URL's related to that search.

Created: Mar 3, 2022

Creator: @4uffin


Twitter reinspired. One feed, only text. Micro-blog about whatever is going on! | Make your first Bweet today!

Created: March, 2022

Creator: @4uffin


Have a file lying around? Upload it to an ever-growing library!

Created: April, 2023

Creator: @4uffin

Random UTube

YouTube, but randomized!

Created: May 9, 2023

Creator: @4uffin


A video website test. | Submit videos you find on YouTube!

Created: February, 2022

Creator: @4uffin

Website created: Sep 8, 2022 | A multiverse of websites and games! | Home of 4uffin's website creations